DYNAMICS is Hiring for the following positions:

DYNAMICS is a full-service technology company operating since 2009 has created proprietary technology framework that is extremely convenient for online ordering and delivery services. These technologies have been applied to Weed Shops and Frosted Leaf our technologies has successfully completed over 3 million transactions and processed over 90 million dollars in revenue for our clients.

We completed the Delivery component in February and with the COVID-19 outbreak a variety of other businesses are in need our ordering and delivery software, so that they can meet the needs of their customers.

By applying for a position with our company we felt it necessary to share some our philosophies with you. Our company was built with the customer in mind and we strive to place the needs of our customers ahead of the needs of our company. This is done to provide a transparent and integrity based level of service that has played an important role in the positive longevity and reputation of our business.

We execute every element of our business with honor and respect every step of the way and by joining with us we will always be able to find a path for those with like-minded philosophies.

We understand that in these uncertain and troubling times finding a source of income of is a top priority to everyone and we ask that you continue to be kind, patient and trusting through the application process.

Our company Dynamics has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau for 10 years and is dedicated to honoring it’s clients, personnel, affiliates and business associates.